St Andrew's Anglican Church 

Services are held on 1st, 3rd and 5th Sundays at 8am.
Dates for 2019: October 6 and 29; November 3 and 17.

The Anglican Church of Saint Andrew's in Longwood is an interesting church in the Wangaratta Diocese.  Originally part of the Melbourne See, Longwood was transferred to Wangaratta in the 1930 era.  It has a fine parochial history and its parishioners are proud of it.
In 1853 there was a fiery meeting at Old Longwood or Longwood East as it is now known.   Residents of New Longwood wanted a new church built there but as the bulk of the building fund for a church has been raised in Old Longwood, and New Longwood could not meet this amount, they finally lost the argument. 
The Church was built on a block near the cemetery, and the opening service was held in 1887.  The building was well constructed with seating for 200.  Part of a demolished hotel had been used in its construction and Rev. Green in the first sermon there, jokingly announced that he had been 'called to the bar'.
A later incumbent - Rev Fitzgerald - changed the course of this church's history when he placed the sovereigns given to him in a farewell testimonial, in an account at the Colonial Bank for a building fund to erect a church in New Longwood.
Between the dates 1887 and 1901, the congregation in Old Longwood gradually dwindled, and New Longwood grew because the railway line had been opened and homes were built there.
Services were alternated between the two townships and in New Longwood they were held in the Mechanic's Institute.
St Andrew's Anglican Church was erected in Jeans Street in New Longwood, and this opening service was held on 15 December, 1901.  The Parish of Longwood included Old and New Longwood, Pranjip, Monea, Wormangle, Burnt Creek, Branjee, Upper Creighton and Creighton.
Horses were the mode of transport in those days. Some ministers rode to carry out services, some used buggies or gigs.  On one occasion Rev. Wray had the arduous task of conducting weddings in three towns on the same day.  The first was at Longwood, the second at Euroa and the third at Violet Town.  Fresh horses were ready for him at each town. 
There are many memorials in this well cared-for church.  They are on the walls, in the church and in the grounds.  The beautiful stained glass windows above the altar were donated by the Brook families, and those on either side by the Davey family and dedicated to district pioneers.  On the entrance gates is a plaque in memory of Rev Robertson who died from burns received in the Rectory fire.
St Andrew's Longwood functioned as a parish in its own right until that tragic Easter when Rev Robertson died from burns in the fire at the rectory.
Until that era, Longwood was often the first posting for theology students trained at St Colomb's Hall, Wangaratta.
When Longwood lost the rectory (what was left after the fire was sold for removal), St Andrew's was attached to the Parish of Nagambie.  In recent years it was transferred to the Euroa Parish.
A hall was built in the 1960s and this was used for Sunday School, monthly breakfasts and other activities.
St Andrew's Day is celebrated each year with a service followed by a morning tea and get-together.  This service is often led by a specially invited minister or on some occasions, the Bishop.
The ladies have always capably run the social aspects of St Andrew's and they have a cleaning roster that keeps the building immaculate.  The men maintain the grounds and organise working bees when necessary.
The pioneers of old and new St Andrew's Longwood should be rested, their traditions respected, and the flag their courage raised, is still flying high.  
Ildie Houston